Sonic Matter (2018)

Sonic Matter is an interactive music performance system that streamlines the creation of music, making it especially useful for electroacoustic music composers. It gives the performer control over sonic qualities; likewise, it can transform sound material into simple or complex textures. Performers can position the sound source at any point in 3D space, record trajectories, and convincingly move the sound in the listening environment.

The system consists of a computer, the Sonic Matter software application realized in Max, a KORG nanoKONTROL2 MIDI controller, a Leap Motion sensor, an 8-output audio interface, and optionally, a MIDI sustain pedal. An example setup is illustrated in the figure below.

An example setup for the Sonic Matter

Check this page for more information about the system.

You can listen to recordings of the pieces composed and performed using Sonic Matter here.