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Hello World!
Since I set about my PhD thesis research, I’ve meant to build a website and post updates about the project. However, building a website is a pain, and I postponed it until I can’t any longer. Also, I have been enjoying working on my PhD project more than undertaking a […]

Catching Up: Raspberry Pi Zero W
This post and the rest of the “Catching Up” series are the (long overdue) updates on the development process. They will not be thorough, but I will try to remember the essential details as much as I can. Initially, I started working on the project on a Raspberry Pi Zero […]

Catching Up: Arduino MKR1000 WIFI
The switch from Raspberry Pi Zero W to Arduino MKR1000 WIFI was something I wanted to do for some time. I was curious to see if the operating system running on Raspberry Pi Zero was the culprit behind the low data rate. There were some other reasons too: Arduino MKR1000 […]