Hi there! I am a sonic artist and sound designer situated in Calgary, Canada. I’ve had a diverse range of experiences in my journey, encompassing sonic arts, sound design, music production, sound recording, teaching, and more.

I have been working as a freelance sound designer since 2012. My portfolio includes an array of achievements, ranging from ADR, dialogue editing, and sound design for television shows and animations to acclaimed projects such as “Frenzy” (2015), recipient of the Special Jury Award at the 72nd Venice International Film Festival. Notably, I have had the chance to work with esteemed brands like IKEA, HSBC, Burger King, and Turkish Airlines through various advertisements.

My aspirations extend further, particularly towards sound design for video games. As an avid gamer myself, I am driven to replicate the same immersive experiences in the world of interactive entertainment. I find comfort and inspiration in the world of gaming, exploring virtual worlds and getting lost in their amazing soundscapes.

My academic pursuits are deeply rooted in the endless possibilities of digital musical instruments (DMIs) and interactive performance systems, mainly within virtual environments. These environments along with DMIs, adorned with sensors, microcontrollers, and microcomputers, serve as my creative playground for shaping sonic experiences in the digital realm. As a dedicated researcher and sonic artist, I continually explore creative approaches that fuse technology and artistic expression while enriching both my academic journey and creative ventures in the world of sonic art.

I am currently a PhD Candidate in Sonic Arts at the University of Calgary. In 2018, I earned a Master of Music in Sonic Arts, and I hold a Bachelor of Science in Sound Design from Istanbul Technical University.

If you share an interest in the world of sound, let us connect and explore the boundless potential of sound together!